Round and Round XVIII ( framed )

Round and Round XVIII ( framed )

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Original acrylic painting on ply, framed in simple light wood float frame, ready to hang


From mid-February to Mid May 2022 I took part in The 100 Day Challenge. It is an Instagram challenge and artists take part from around the world. I love the discipline of a project and this year I decided to do 2 projects. I drew in my garden every day for a hundred days. Each drawing was in a brown paper sketchbook and I used ink and a bamboo stick cut from my garden. Colour was applied with pencil crayon. 

I knew I was going to be participating in CVP again this year. CVP is an online programme run by Nick Wilton and his team from California. I wanted to have drawings ready to use as source for the panels we would be producing during the course. So the project had two goals, firstly to make sure I drew from life every day and secondly to provide inspiration for my CVP panels.

We have had a very wet summer and autumn in SE Queensland. The result of back to back La Nina events. FOr many days I could only draw from my veranda sheltering from the rain. This made me get creative and explore viewpoints from a limited area. On the days I did get into the garden I didn't go far so the work was in a small area. We live on 10 acres and have a very large garden but I kept things quite domestic.

This series " Round and Round" is based on the drawings of my Garden and was made during CVP 22. As a child, I loved " round and round the garden", it reminds me of my Dad and Grandad, and I sang it to my kids too. So it seemed the best title for the series. I drew, round and round the garden and the painting process during wet soggy days seemed to go round and round too.