Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Adult classes

Classes must be paid for in advance.

You only get the term rate if you pay for all of the classes up front. Term rate is 10 classes @ $250

You can start part way through a term, the term rate will be calculated pro rata

If you pay by the class the rate is $30 per class (casual rate)

All fees include materials

If you cannot make a class and have chosen the term rate you can make the class up but only in that term. Carry overs into other terms make things too complicated.

If you know you will be away you can decide which rate will work bet for you. Either term rate or casual rate.

You cannot terminate the term rate , once it’s paid you cannot get a refund if you decide not to come.

If you would like to trial a class that’s all good. You pay the casual rate. If you then decide you would like to sign up for the term that casual class will be converted into the full term payment.

If the class is cancelled by me due to ill health, family emergency etc. then I will give you a free makeup class. If there is an act of God ( flood, fire,) I will not refund.

 I provide aprons

Kids classes

The term must be paid for in full up front. A school term is usually 10 weeks and is $200.

If your child would like to see if the class is right for them they can have a trial @ $20. This would be deducted from the term rate if they decide to stay.

It is ideal if a child starts at the beginning of a term as each term is themed and each class builds on the one before.

Kids must be in grade one.

Once the term fee is paid there cannot be a refund.

Every effort is made to keep kids clothes clean, but stuff happens, they are kids.

 I provide aprons

Kids Holiday Workshops

The workshop must be paid for at the time of booking

If the workshop is cancelled due to numbers, sickness you will be refunded in full

If you cancel less than 48 hours before a workshop there will be no refund.

Please be on time



Please send only water to drink

Make sure the kids are wearing old clothes, I know they get excited and want to wear something nice, please don’t.  I make every effort to keep kids clean but stuff happens. It’s also very stressful for the child and me if I know they are wearing something “good”

I provide aprons

Children must be 7 years old

Guided painting

Please be on time

Payment must be made at time of booking

Cancellation can only be made up to 48 hours before the class.

Wear old ( ish ) clothes

I provide aprons

If I have to cancel due to illness or family emergency I will let you by text or email. I will give a refund or you can choose to come to an alternate date.

If there is an act of God (flood, fire) I will reschedule class.

If you choose to keep the instruction sheet from t he class it must not be reproduced or distributed

On Line Guided Painting

You will be able to download your painting once the payment has gone through

The online instructions and video must not be re produced, demonstrated, performed or distributed. I hold the copyright.

You cannot “ return” an on line Guided Painting, please choose carefully

Refunds cannot be given.