New Website

Welcome to my new and improved website

I have been thinking and mainly procrastinating about putting together a new website for quite some time. I always found something better to do. The washing, the ironing, groceries, you see how much I didn’t want to knuckle down and get this done.

With lots of help from my lovely friend I finally got there. She designs and develops websites and I needed her help and encouragement to commit and get on with it. She gave me a to do list and I did the list, then she gave me another list. I completed that list and the sense of accomplishment was enormous.

Then I had to open the shopify account which was an anxious moment. This thing was real… must be, they asked for my credit card. Again, my friend sat me down and we went through loading the content together sitting at her dining table.

Then I went home and had more than a few minor heart failures while I lost things, got buttons in the wrong places and had no idea how to add those links things. I must point out that it tends to be my reluctance to read instructions which get’s me into these pickles and nothing to do with shopify, which was easy to use even for me.

So here we are after years of complaining about lost bookings, lost students and endless emails, an easy way to find classes, book them and pay all in one place.

You can also download one of my Guided Painting classes. I have put together an awesome package so you get all tuition form one of my classes in your own home.

If you would like a fantastic website designed, check out the lovely Rachael King  at I highly recommend her. She's a star and a very patient friend. Thanks Rach x