Blue Jug , Downloadable Guided Painting, new for November

Blue Jug, Downloadable Guided Painting November 2019

I first painted this image in early 2018. I love blue and white and as a child had loved the Cornish ware pottery we had at home. Cornish ware is blue and white striped earthenware.

 I had found that using a wide range of colours could be a challenge for students in the live classes. Images with many elements and a big range of colours took far longer to complete. I therefore tried out a limited palette and simpler format.

Blue Jug is the fourth painting I have filmed. I had had quite a bit of practice with Sunflowers, it was quite a learning curve. Sunflowers was the first how to video I completed, and it took 5 attempts to get footage which could be edited and uploaded. Since then I have filmed Big Hen and Agapanthus. My plan is to film all my Guided Painting classes alphabetically. There are 35 paintings in total, $ are now available with many more to come

I ran Blue Jug as a live class on two occasions. Despite carefully constructing GP images so that they run smoothly there is always a snag. Every student approaches the challenges of a class according to their experience and confidence. AS this is a more recent painting, I thought it had zero glitches, but inevitably something comes up which I haven’t thought of. My lovely students certainly keep me on my toes.

 A downloadable painting class benefits you in many ways. One of the best is that I have been able to iron out any problems a live class encountered. I have also painted the image for a second time for the video which helps me really look at how it is put together and whether my original instructions make sense. I must admit there are some glaring errors in some of the early ones. You get all that benefit by buying a class online, it has been tried and tested and re done, just for you.

Here are some of the paintings from my live classes of Blue Jug. I always say you are individuals and your work will not be the same as mine. Here is the proof. I hope you consider buying a downloadable class.